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Root Health Forums hosted by Syngenta

  1. Global Root Health Forums
    1. 2013 Beijing (APAC)
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    1. 2014 Guadalajara (LATAM)
    2. 2015 Berlin (EAME)
    3. 2016 Minsk (CIS)

Presentations and information from past events

  • 16 – 17 February 20016: 75th International Institute for Beet Research Congress (IIRB) (Brussels / Belgium)
    1. Presentations from Syngenta Seedcare event: VIBRANCE®SB and CLARIVA™.
    2. Poll results: most important factors to close the sugar beet yield gapThis year’s IIRB Congress in Brussels featured expert views about “Challenging the yield gap of sugar beet”. Related to this theme, we conducted an online poll that asked members of the Global Root Health Network on LinkedIn and IIRB Congress participants – plus visitors to our Root Health Knowledge Pool Events page – to share their views about what factors are most important to close the yield gap in sugar beets. Poll participants – from a wide range of organizations including breeders, seed companies and research institutes – reflected the industry diversity.Grower education and fungal disease control seen as most importantOverall, grower education was clearly seen as most important. Looking at important and most important answers taken together, the next highest rated factors were fungal disease and insect pest control. Opinions on the importance of the variety selection, harvest time, soil preparation and fertilizer management varied quite a bit. Plus during the Congress, we noted two additional parameters that should also be evaluated to maximize sugar yield: planting date (growing period) and storage.Numerically, all factors were rated more on the important side than on the not/less important side. This finding is in line with presentations we heard during the opening session of the IIRB Congress: to close the yield gap in sugar beet knowledge transfer is key and all parameters of the production chain should be addressed with best agronomic practice in order to achieve the maximum yield.IIRB_Poll results tables_05APR16