2015 Berlin (EAME)

18th – 19th March 2015

Interview with Root Health Experts during the ERHF

        • May, 2016 – Addressing the mechanism of action behind the adaptation of root growth to environmental
          conditions and other influencers
          An interview with Dr. Crespi, Director, Institute of Plant Sciences, Paris-Saclay (IPS2), Orsay, France
      • October, 2015 – Altered gene expression by sedaxane under drought stress improves photosynthesis in wheat
        An interview with Dr. Ray, Assistant Professor in Crop Science, Plant and Crop Sciences, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
      • June, 2015 – Capturing more of the plant’s yield potential in the future
        An interview with Professor Sylvester-Bradley, Head of Crop Performance, ADAS UK Ltd, Boxworth (Cambridge), United Kingdom


Poster session

Show & Tell sessions